I was a Starcraft Junkie

Starcraft II is going to be coming out very soon.  The gang  at dotGAME are very excited about that, and look forward to bringing that to our game center in Lincoln Nebraska when they open.  The thought of this much anticipated sequel has made me think back to when I first was introduced to the game of Starcraft.

My wife (to be at the time) and I had recently moved in together, and having two computers wanted to play a game head to head.  A trip to the local Best Buy and browsing the endless isles of games at the time (which now have been replaced with cameras and cell phone accessories<groan>) produces our prize.

Once we got home we agreed that we would each practice up for a week or so to get used to the game.  We certainly burned a lot of late nights playing on our respective computers.  Of course both of us were much younger then<grin>.  We each honed our strategies and soon favorites of the races emerged.  I was a pretty big fan of the Zerg, and my wife the Protoss.

In order to keep it fair we decided to let the game decide our races.  I honestly think the game had it in for me because it would almost always give me Teran and give my wife her beloved Protoss.  My first introduction to her race was brutal to say the least.  The game had been going on for some time and my wife taught me the greatest lesson in multiplayer games…work fast and always be on the offensive.  I gave  her enough time to build twenty four carriers.  The battle was over in less than thirty seconds.  Those little fighters laid waste to my base so fast I could hardly believe it.  I don’t think we spoke for a couple of days after that.

I did get my revenge a couple of weeks later when I had a group of zerglings take her out right at the beginning of a match.  For some reason after that she always had defenses and barracks built right away.  To this day I still feel that her overwhelming carrier attack was far cooler than my little zerglings laying waste to her base, but I’ll never tell her that.

That was over a decade ago, and you know what?  That game is still going strong.  It is still popular enough that it still resides in many site’s top games lists.  It is being played frequently enough that an eleven year old game is still receiving patches to keep the game updated.  The venerable game is an obsession in South Korea where top gamers have garnered yearly wages over $200K a year.

I sure hope that Starcraft II can grab some of that magic.   I don’t know if it can eclipse the original, but it sure will be fun to find out.



About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

3 Responses to I was a Starcraft Junkie

  1. Konrack says:

    Heck this game was a brack through for the lan parties, imho long live the zerg, send em out burry them then pop up and take out the weakened foe’s, might be dirty but it worked for me. I also had the unloved teran’s most random placements, but i adapted my strategy and kicked some ass, also had it handed to me a number of times. but i also have this still in my game files, and await the new game eagerly in a couple of weeks time.
    heck if your up for it man i will be there for a multiplay session *grins evily* may the best teran loose 😉

  2. tomahtiger says:

    I’ll be sure to look you up…I can’t wait for the new one either!!

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