Tron Part Duex

Check out the link below to see a hi-def trailer for the upcoming Disney sequel to the  1982 movie Tron.

Flynn Lives.

I was particularly interested to see Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) reprising his role as Kevin Flynn in the trailer.

Since the original movie came out 27 years ago, lets recap a bit for you young’ins out there:   Kevin Flynn was a young computer programmer that used to work for a company called ENCOM.  Like so many movies of the ’80s the young Flynn was brilliant, but not one to follow the rules.  He used the company’s mainframe to design computer games he hoped to use to start a company of his own.  A competing programmer(Ed Dillinger) discovered this, and locked Flynn out of the system and presented Flynn’s programs as his own.  Well to make a long plot point short…Dillinger benefits by getting promoted within the company, and Flynn falls from grace and leaves the company.

Flynn is not content to let things go and attempts to hack into the system to gain proof of Dillinger’s wrong doing.  Well since Flynn’s departure this mainframe has gained self awareness and now controls ENCOM and is seeking even more power.  Well to make another laborious plot point short…Flynn is digitized into the mainframe computer where programs are represented as humans that are forced into playing computerized gladiatorial games  to survive or be “erased”.  Well lots of  twists and turns later Flynn and his merry band of program followers manage to defeat the mainframe computer and restore order to the computerverse.

Flash forward 27 years into the future and you have the setting for our trailer above.  According to the official synopsis, Kevin’s son Sam (who ironically is also very tech savvy himself) is drawn into the computer realm (updated to the 21st century of course) to look into the disappearance of his father.  Well of course this means lots of adventures in this CGI created world.  As the trailer indicates better use of the 3d axis is just one of the updates we are in store for.

Personally, while I thought Tron was groundbreaking in it being one of the first movies to embrace computer graphics on a large scale, I have my doubts about this movie really grabbing a large audience.  Even Tron was only marginally successful at the box office and critics absolutely hated it.  Of course it is 27 years later, and critic’s reviews don’t seem to carry as much weight as they once might have.  (Probably because movie goers have access to so much information today that they can form their own opinions perhaps), and more people today own a computer and play games than ever before…so maybe just maybe now could be the time for Tron to succeed.


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