A Day at the Park

Danielle had the last day of her tennis camp today.  She has been a very busy little lady since summer vacation started.  She has been on the go constantly.  In the next week she will be able to relax a bit and just enjoy the summer for a while as we get ready for the biggest holiday of the summer.

I thought it would be nice to take her little brother and sister somewhere special while Danielle was enjoying her camp.  We went to Antelope Park, and the biggest playground I have ever seen.  I had not been to this park area since I was around Danielle’s age.  It, like so many things in town, has changed so much.  Funny how that seems to happen and you don’t even really notice.  I really need to take that in and remember it.

Preston and Madison were visibly excited.  As we came around a building and the playground came into view, the looks on their faces were indescribable.  As I was holding their hands, I noticed that both of them were beginning to pick up their step so that they were starting to tug on my grip.  Finally I let them go and they were off.

They hit the soft surface of the playground, and they stopped for a moment.  They looked left.  They looked right.  They looked at each other.  Then, like rockets, they blasted off in opposite directions.  This playground was so big that with one of them on one side, and one on the other I simply could not see them both effectively.  Yeah it was just that big.  I was certainly going to get my exercise today.

I started off with Madison.  She instantly, and predictably, made for the swings.  There was this huge “chair” swing that she was immediately drawn to.  I am guessing this was designed for children with disabilities to play on perhaps.  It was a unique design, and one that I had never seen before.  While she did enjoy that particular swing, It just didn’t go fast enough or high enough to suit my little daredevil.  She soon switched to the more traditional swings nearby.  Unlike Preston, She loves to go fast, and she loves to go higher.  I have yet to find her limit as to how high or fast she will go.  I suspect that she will have no problem with some of the more thrilling amusement park rides as she gets older.

Preston’s first stop was the gigantic sandbox.  He was so excited because there was a framework castle there.  He’s too young for the association, but he is thrilled so it is of little consequence.  He was wanting to take his shoes off and really go to town there, but I had to let him down gently on that one.  I didn’t want to have to deal with a sweaty Preston, all covered in sand.  We were on a bit of a time schedule, as we had to pick up Danielle in an hour and I didn’t want to cut their time there any more than it would be already.

From there we made sure to hit most of the play surfaces.  There was an urgency to their play.  It was almost as if they knew as I did, that we were running out of time.  There was this to do and that to do.  Both of them wanting me to go with them in an opposite direction from the other.  It was a great time, but like anything in this hectic life we have it was coming to an end soon.

After a short hour of intense play,  it was time for us to all pile into the family mini van and travel the short distance to where Danielle would be wrapping up her camp.  It had been a good outing.  It had been so much fun that of course Preston and Madison did not want to leave.  They pleaded to come back, and I promised that we would return soon.  After a few tears and some longing looks back at the playground they grudgingly accepted this and we departed.


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

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