Mike’s Weight Loss Secrets Revealed

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  1. 4 Tips For Healthy Eating 😉

    It is imperative that you always pay attention to what you are eating. Pay attention specifically to garnishes that maybe placed on your food. Many times these garnishes contain more calories, fat, and sugars than your food. Be very selective about the side dishes that you select as well.

    Stay away from sugary snacks as much as possible. Snack foods that are processed and in bags or boxes are generally loaded with sugar and high in calories. It is human nature to have cravings for sweets. Remember that most sweet snacks are empty calories and provide almost zero nutritional value.

    Try to develop a pattern for your daily meals. Try to eat each meal at the same time every day. Try to eat within a half hour of your scheduled time. Eating to far outside of scheduled times will affect your eating pattern, and can result in either feeling starved or actually losing your appetite. This will cause you to over-eat at your next meal.

    Another thing to remember is to eat only when you are hungry. If you develop a pattern of eating then your hunger will become predictable. DonŐt use parties and gatherings as an excuse to over-eat. You can destroy your diet for an entire week in one day of over indulgence at a party. There is no need to be rude when you are offered something to eat. Simply accept the food, but nibble a small piece. You do not have to eat the whole thing. This allows you to make your host or hostess feel good, and allows you to stay focused on your diet.

  2. The best ways to boost your chances of loosing extra body weight can be easy if you are determined to follow the rules. Drink water regularly. This is the easiest thing you can do! Next speed up your metabolism by eating small frequent healthy meals every three or so hours. Lastly, Change your diet from carbs to incorporate mostly fish, lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables…..Then of course…..EXERCISE and lots of it 

  3. Thanks so much mike! I was worried about my weight and wasnt keen on some of those ‘Fad Diets’ and when you explained this to me… Its easier than i expected Thanks Again!

    1. Glad it’s been helpful Reece…I lost 42lbs doing this and have kept it off for over 3 months since I “completed” my weight loss goal…I wish you tons of success in your efforts too 🙂

  4. Mike- I just saw you post this link on Toni’s facebook page. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this too. I’ve recently hit 100 pound weight loss goal with another 50 to go. I’ve done the same thing with counting calories but I have also kicked it in the butt with exercise, so I ended up losing 100 in 7 months.
    A lot of people have been asking me how I did it. It’s amazing how many people don’t believe it’s that easy to lose weight.
    You said you’ve been updating on facebook. I’m glad to see that, I’ve been doing the same thing, but sometimes felt like I shouldn’t. But it was the same for me, if I’m telling people what I’m doing – I’m less likely to give up because I know people will be asking about it.
    Good luck on maintaining, I still have another 50 to go before I have to worry about maintaining. Congrats!

    1. Christina, Thanks for the kind words. I have a very active job so that is my exercise. I don’t want to imply that regular exercise isn’t important…but I think many people believe that they can just exercise and the pounds will just melt off magically with no other life style changes. If you don’t change or monitor the fuel going in you probably won’t see the results you desire.

      Congrats on your progress so far…I am thrilled for you!

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