What a Difference a Year Makes

6 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes”

  1. I actually just tweeted today that I hated to speak so soon but so far, in the Montreal area, we are actually having a mild, not too snowy winter. Just three years ago we had a near record snowfall and it was awesome. This aint bad either, kind of the two extremes, and as I get older this type is nice, ooomph, not much shoveling lol.

  2. Living in Australia and it being summer time, I haven’t been snowed in. However, it snowed in the Eastern States and also in Tasmania…in the summer time!

    On winter snow: I have a friend in Iowa. She informed me that snow came late for her town this year and that they had spring-like weather when it should have been quite cold. The snow had melted.

    1. It was definitely unseasonably warm here for a lot longer than normal heading into the winder months…

  3. I’m experiencing my first cold winter – I grew up in Africa and have lived for the last 12 years in the south of France. I now live in Toronto. By Canadian standards it isn’t very cold (-8 yesterday) with about 10cm of snow. The dryness of the air is the weirdest sensation, the cold turns into a kind of heat if you close your eyes and feel it on your skin.

    1. That is a very interesting perspective 🙂 I’ve always wondered what someone experienced that has lived in warmth most of their life…stay warm

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