1st Movie of the New Year

"date nights" are very rare for us

When you have three young children, it is very rare to get a chance to go to the movies with your wife.  At least it is a challenge for my wife and I.  Last night was one of those opportunities.  We were gonna go out on a real date.  We hadn’t had one of those in a very long time.  Again, the children take precedence over a night out pretty much most of the time.  There are those times though where you just wanna go out for a night of adult conversation and enjoyment of company that doesn’t involve settling a dispute over who is sitting where, and what toy someone has that another one wants…well other parents will surely understand this notion.

So the night before the big event, my wife and I sat down and planned out our evening.  Being parents you pretty much have to plan everything you do, and a date night is no exception.  It’s almost like planning the invasion of a small country.  Logistics of where the children were going to go, how late we were going to be out, what to take over to grandma’s, the whole nine yards.  It has certainly gotten much easier as the children have gotten older, but it can certainly be an undertaking nonetheless.

We narrowed our choices of movie to two.  We would either see “The King’s Speech” or “The Dilemma“.  After reading the two descriptions of the movies it was obvious to me that we would better enjoy “The King’s Speech” over a formula comedy that “The Dilemma” offered.  I mean no offense to the talents of Vince Vaughn or Kevin James, but once you have seen one of their movies, you have seen pretty much every movie they will ever make.  My wife was less sure as she usually doesn’t go in for the hard drama type of movies that “The King’s Speech” offered.

I had seen Colin Firth on The Daily Show promoting this movie, and thought it would be a very good movie.  My wife is a fan of Helena Bonham Carter so that sealed the decision to see this particular movie.  We had obviously checked out the description of the movie online, but neither one of us knew really what to expect from the movie itself.  For the first time in ages we really didn’t have any preconceived notions of a movie going in.  That made the night a bit of an adventure and even more fun.

We settled into our usual perches in the back of the theater.  I am a short guy, so I like to be up high in the back row so I can see over everyone.  I wasn’t really expecting a filled theater for this movie since it had been out for about a month already.  I was pleasantly surprised to watch people slowly fill up seats until by the time the movie started, I would say the theater was about 60-70% filled.  That certainly galvanized my opinion that this movie would be a good one.

The movie lived up to my expectations and more.  The performances were superb, in fact there was not one weak performer in the bunch.  It was one of those rare movies that allowed you to identify personally with the characters and what they were going through.  Additionally, it was a joy to get a glimpse of what life in the “modern” court is like for the royals.  I came away with a much deeper respect of them than I had going in.

Obviously it is not my aim to give you a full-blown movie review.  I just don’t do those, and really, there are already thousands of those on the web already.  You don’t need me to make your mind up for you.  I do know that if you want to have a pleasant evening with your husband or your wife, and want to enjoy a movie that embraces the relationship between a husband and a wife…this just might be a refreshing change from the typical formula films that glut the movie theaters these days.


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

One Response to 1st Movie of the New Year

  1. Mike Lemons says:

    Seen the movie? I would love to hear how you liked it OR didn’t like it for that matter 🙂

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