What’s Your Sign Again?

The news has been all abuzz with news of a major change in astrological signs last week.  Just going to Facebook or twitter will show that there is some very serious angst with a lot of people over this supposed revelation.  People of all walks of life are now faced with the prospect of having their star sign change.  So what will this mean in the coming weeks and months?

  • Tattoo parlors everywhere will see a massive influx of people looking to change or alter designs that were wrong.
  • Psychiatrists will see an increase in split personality disorders as people try to adjust to the news that their personality traits have changed just because someone said so.
  • At least two or three major corporations will see a leadership change as the CEO’s will be replaced with the new Leos from the mail room.
  • Divorce courts will be inundated with filings by couples that are now totally incompatible with one another.
  • Recent lottery winners will be questioned over answering they used their lucky numbers since they were obviously using someone else’s.
  • A new optimism will abound as people realize their bad luck in life has been caused by reading the wrong advice in the horoscope column every day.

Okay, can we now get back to reality?  It has simply amazed me how a small blurb from the head of the planetary society in Minnesota can be blown up into something that so many people are now very concerned about.  Folks, the world is not gonna change tomorrow just because someone says your sign has now changed.  If you do a little digging (as I did for this post), you would discover that MOST modern astrology is based on something called Tropical zodiac which is centered on the seasons of the year and not the physical location of the constellations.  Additionally, astrology is Earth-based and not star or moon centered.   So this is why your geographic location and actual time of birth are so important in determining your astrological sign.

This appears to be a case where science has tried to meddle in something where meddling really wasn’t necessary.  What has made it worse is the media has taken this to new heights by deciding this was important.  I don’t know who is shallower now.  The media for making more of this than it is, or us for choosing to believe this is more than it is.



About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

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