Living Room Wagers

6 thoughts on “Living Room Wagers”

    1. Definitely!! Already been hip deep in the family “Trash Talk”…so far it appears that two out of my three children will be on our side with the black and gold, and one of my children (my youngest), is a defector to the Packers…LOL

  1. My daughter heard some protesting from her dad when she chose to wear a green sweater to church this morning (it’s more of a lime green than Packers’ green), but she’ll be wearing her white Ward jersey for the game.

    1. alas it wasn’t enough and the Packers took home the win…it was a good game and they were the rightful winners this year…

  2. I hate football (no offense) so I didn’t give a darn about the game. But I am going to find the commercials and watch them. 🙂 Lol! Also…I have to ask – is that photo an actual snack you had at your gametime? That is incredible.

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