Apples, Galaxies, Berries, Oh My Windows Too!

Well the time is soon to come where I upgrade my phone.  It will finally be the day when I can say I own a smart phone.  It will be a glorious day where I don’t have to mess with out dated Java applications just to read email.  It will be a day when I too can be easily connected anywhere and anytime….right?  But how can I decide between all the different phones out there?

Give me a PC to upgrade, and I am your guy.  I can pick components and cases and peripherals with ease.  That is because I have been a PC user for a couple of decades now (small shudder at the thought of how old that makes me).  In the beginning it wasn’t that easy.  I went to my go-to tech friend for help.  We motored out to our local high-tech store, you know the one with the big yellow price tag thingy in their logo.  He named off options, I named off how much money I could spend, and soon we found the computer that fit those limits.  These days, I just pick components that will give me the best performance for the money.

Now this whole smart phone thing is making me feel very similar to the way I did back then.  There are so many options, and so many phones out there that it is literally overloading my ability to make a decision.  I decided to look to the social network to help me out in my time off need.  I put out a question yesterday on my Facebook page that said something like “…anybody have solid suggestions for a noobie in this tech area?”.  I figured that this was where I would truly find some help with my problem.

The only real thing I found out is that many of my friends are real fanboys (and girls) of their respective phones.  I got responses like “iPhone, iPhone, iPhone”, and “I love my Blackberry“(funny I even stipulated that Blackberry was not going to be an option in my search).  Most of the posts were along those lines.  Not much hard data on good phones for a first time smart phone purchaser.  Okay, fine, I figured I would just do some standard internet research on the subject.

Well, much like my Facebook experience, the net is clogged with supposed reviews and analysis of various smart phones, but when you get right down do it, the review sites are often “fan” slanted as well.  One site will bash an android phone for this, but another will praise it for the same feature.  The same holds true for iPhones, and Blackberries, and Windows phones.  What will a newbie to this arena do?  It would seem that once you find a platform you like, you tend to stick with it.

It would appear that I am on my own for this one.  Wish me luck.


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

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