Valentines Day…Bah Humbug!

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day…Bah Humbug!”

  1. My husband never gets me cards. I ALWAYS find him cards that say EXACTLY what I think, in a fun way, and he enjoys them. But he never returns the favour. I feel a bit sad about this, but realize I have a gift he doesn’t, just as he excels in other ways that I can only imagine excelling in. We’ve been low on funds for several months now and didn’t exchange gifts for our anniversary (mid-December) or Christmas last year, so I wasn’t expecting anything for V-Day.

    I had to work late on Friday due to a large event at work that my office coordinates, and when I came home there were two roses and – A CARD!!! – on the table. The card had my name on it. I waited until our daughter went to bed and then opened the card. It was perfect. It expressed his thoughts EXACTLY and made me laugh. And the flowers were beautiful.

    It was completely unexpected because it wasn’t a special day at all. His logic: “I figured they’d be out of flowers by Monday, and I didn’t want to fight the masses at the stores anyway.” What a practical man I married.

    A practical, wonderful man. 🙂

    My point: You’re right about being spontaneous and not waiting for a special day perpetuated by chocolate, lingerie and floral companies to exploit much-needed, hard-earned cash from anxious men’s wallets. The unexpected gestures are MUCH better.

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