An Abstract Sunday

6 thoughts on “An Abstract Sunday”

  1. My favorite thing about this piece is that she put so much time and thought into it! At four, that’s a beautiful thing in and of itself – it’s great that you have a photo of it! I think it looks like a waterfall in an autumn forest.

    1. I agree Patti…she worked so hard on it, and was very diligent at the time…course like I said in the post she would soon tire of it and erase it in favor of the next great work of art…and true to form she did just that.

  2. She could probably paint that on a canvas and sell it for $4,500 at a big city art museum. Consider that, proud papa! 🙂

    I can’t wait until my daughter starts creating works of art. Right now it’s still random scribbling with a Crayon, but she’s more interested in taking them out of the box and putting them back in (and sometimes eating them because that gets a reaction out of Mom) than actually drawing with them. That said…she IS only 18 months old.

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