Water Everywhere at Henry Doorly Zoo

4 thoughts on “Water Everywhere at Henry Doorly Zoo”

  1. My husband is currently interviewing for a job in Lincoln. If we end up moving, we’ll definitely be checking out that zoo, because we LOVE zoos! If you’re ever in the West I highly recommend the Portland Zoo in Oregon, and the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle is great, as well. Surprisingly, Boise, Idaho, has a great little zoo, too, and it’s actually not so little anymore. It is very surprising for a city that size to have as up-to-date and impressive grounds as Zoo Boise does. And of course there’s the famous San Diego Zoo which I grew up going to but haven’t seen in many many years. I do not recommend the San Francisco Zoo; I was very disappointed with it, which surprised me. The only non-western zoo I’ve been to is the Nashville Zoo, and that was pretty impressive as well. Thanks for sharing your photos – I’m excited about the possibility of visiting this place.

    1. well hopefully the job is what you both are looking for…glad you enjoyed the pics…I love the zoo too 🙂

  2. I live down the street from the zoo and visit it weekly, I think of it as my second home. There are many animals there that recognize me and interact with me ! I absolutly love the zoo! You have captured some great pictures!

    1. Thanks for the kind words…I am very much an amateur…but I do catch a good one on occasion…thanks again for stopping by 🙂

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