Right or Left? Left or Right?

2 thoughts on “Right or Left? Left or Right?”

  1. I think that you may be at the age where you’re “evened out” in how you think and behave. If you took a Myers-Briggs personality test as a teenager you would have had one of the four areas strongly dominant. Then, as you got into your late 30s and took the test again, you would have four nearly equal parts. Most people even out around 40, from what I’m told, and I think a lot of personality comes from whether you’re right- or left-brained, so I think you’re right about being a balance of the two – NOW. But your kids – nope! They’re probably actively favouring one side or the other, and one personality type above the others. And it will probably change over the next ten years before it starts moving toward “even keel.”

    1. I think you are right on that…as to the kids…well that’s just part of the fun of watching them grow up…as my oldest crosses into middle school next year I am realizing that it is going way too fast…

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