Hidden Talents

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  1. You are a great writer. I also find that scientists, or people attracted to the scientific side of life, can be true hidden gems when it comes to writing. They write with more detail and raise questions in interesting ways. Okay, I am stereotyping, but seriously–my brother studies physics in school and has a passion for science as well as skill with computers, but his writing is always very powerful. (If you are interested, his blog is http://taochild.wordpress.com/. Keep on writing.

    1. Wow..you just fed my ego in a huge way on a Monday THANKS!! I will take a look at his as well as yours Lisa…thanks again for the kind words and relating your story as well 🙂

  2. Hi Mike, kudos to you for your path of self-discovery and for sharing that path with us. And thanks for including a link to my blog post on blogging in your related articles section!

  3. I can’t post every day. One, I don’t have time every day, and two, it stresses me out to think about having to do that. Once a week is a good balance for me because it gives me flexibility on when I get it done and what I write about when I do. I’ve found I’m having fun reaching a goal and that I think more analytically about some things and find inspiration in unexpected places.

    1. Most days for me it is not too difficult to put something out…there are those days however where I wonder if I will manage to come up with something though. I have found those days to be getting fewer and fewer though the more I write.

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