Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

These photo challenges are pretty fun to do.  It allows me to head back into the archives and reminisce about the photographs that I have taken.  This particular shot was taken this past summer.  It was the very first time I actually took the camera and just shot photos for the art of it.  In other words, I wasn’t at a sporting event, or a family get together.  No, it was a summer day, and I was outside hanging out with my kids as they played in the yard.

I took all kinds of pictures on this day.  Some of my favorites involved the chalk art that my two daughters were doing on our driveway.  They were really into their art, as I was shooting mine.  They were gracious enough to ignore my presence as I took my shots from different angles.

The shot to the left here is of my oldest daughter.  I am always drawn into this picture as her expression has that almost dreamy quality like she isn’t so much looking at me as she is seeing the world beyond me and my lens.

My then three-year old had a very different expression as I photographed her.  She was very determined, and intent on finishing her art.  She pretty much ignored me entirely as I took shot after shot of her working diligently on her art work.  She only looked up at me when she was done to show how dirty she was.

Their respective pieces of art blended into one picture, which was so large that I could not get a decent photograph of it.  It was an amazing piece of work though.  It would be a frequent sight on the driveway throughout the summer.  Each session’s efforts would only last as long as the good weather.  Each rain storm would wash the canvas clean for them to start over again.

I really need to make an effort to catalog these works like I did with my little one’s marker board art.


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

3 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Abundance

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  2. Becky says:

    I love these shots! Artists at work, and a great still life of their medium. Nicely done! I can’t wait for warmer weather…I think my daughter would love to play with chalk. We don’t have a driveway, though, so it will have to be at a friend’s house…but that could be even more fun because she and her little friend and chalk up the driveway together! Love watching kids be creative.

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