Spring is Coming?

6 thoughts on “Spring is Coming?”

    1. I know! I had to dig around a bit to ensure that this was a real photo and not something else, it is gorgeous though.

  1. Beautiful spider webs. Could be looking out some of my windows here in Montana. Thanks for the beauty in winter. I think sometimes we forget in the midst of the bitter cold, that Mother Nature has beauty in every season. May spring shine her sunny face on you soon.

    1. Well it would appear spring might be gaining the upper hand…two days of snow, and none of it stuck around…I would say that might mean spring is on the horizon. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    1. I am sure you have a fine eye…I have learned over the years that if you do something long enough you personal style and talents will appeal to someone somewhere. Those photographers for National Geographic and such are just appealing to A LOT of people.

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