Conflict in Marriage

6 thoughts on “Conflict in Marriage”

  1. Hi Mike, really funny.
    my husband and i just celebrated our 23rd anniversary and we still can’t get the toilet paper right, or the toilet seat – is it up or is it down? who knows?

  2. These are two things my husband and I don’t argue about. Because we both know the proper way is OVER and we don’t really care about cola. Cola is cola, whether it comes in a red or blue can. And yes, they taste different, but neither one is BAD. (Don’t tell your wife I said that, women get uptight about these things sometimes. Lol!) And yes, congratulations on the 11 years – my hubby and I aren’t quite there yet, but getting there. Our goal is to celebrate ten years with a trip to Europe in 2014…

  3. Oh wow! This article had both my husband and I laughing. We will be married for 20 years this summer and he is a Pepsi guy and I am so not. I choose Dr. Pepper. However, there are those who think Mister Pibb is an equal substitute but then that would be like me saying Pepsi and Royal Cola (RC) taste the same. In those rare moments when it comes down to the red or blue cans, blue ones will always be tops. Thankfully, he doesn’t care about the toilet paper roll nor does he forget to close the lid on the toilet. But I think even that took a toddler tossing things in the toilet to watch it go down the pipes. 😀 ~ Happy Anniversary! ~

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