My Little Warrior, Life Lessons in the Making

7 thoughts on “My Little Warrior, Life Lessons in the Making”

  1. So true! My parents never made me do anything, so I never did anything besides be a good kid and go to school. I know I missed out on lots of stuff and waited till I was in my 30s to be bold enough to go and try out for things and get involved. We’re not heavy handed with our kids’ activities, but we do insist that they do something and once they got started, they have always stayed active and involved and ready to try things.

    1. awesome Patti…glad to know I wasn’t the only one “deprived”…and glad to hear you are being bold…I still struggle with that myself…

  2. What got me going was a notice for tryouts for a community Gilbert and Sullivan group’s production of HMS Pinafore. My son was 10 years old, and I really wanted to do it – and I realized it was up to me to be a good role model and not be too afraid to try it. I made it and had the time of my life!

  3. I feel a happy medium is needed here…not so much pressure and bombardment that the child feels overwhelmed and forced into activities they don’t want to participate in, but not so much uninvolvement that the child feels no motivation to try new things or know what is out there available to him/her. Being a musician I’ve always intended for my child(ren) to take piano lessons, and then once they are in high school I’d like to see them continue with music, but they get to choose the instrument. I don’t know if I’ll stick to that as my children grow and develop, because I’d also like to allow them opportunity to try other things like sports and dance (if they want!), etc. I’m all about opportunity and trying things once. I’m starting to get to where I’m posting an entire blog of my own here, so I’ll end my lecture, but just know that I appreciate your stance on this topic. Thanks for sharing. And good luck to your son’s team!!!

    1. Your first statement said it perfectly…balance is indeed needed. It is our role as parents to introduce our children to new experiences…to plant the seeds so to speak. What our children choose to do with those seeds is completely up to them.

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