Weekly Photo Challenge: Light

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Light”

    1. Thanks…it is definitely a personal favorite of mine. We live on top of a hill overlooking a pretty large valley so scenes like these are pretty common.

  1. One of the best parts about taking pictures is when you think you have a pretty decent one only to get home and discovery how truly great it is. 🙂 I really like the night picture with the green lights and soft glow over the trees.

    1. I completely agree…even in the digital age you can still discover magic when you get the camera home. I like all the layers of light in the night picture too. I always discover something new in that one.

  2. I LOVE night-time shots! My first attempt at something like that was from the top of Mt. St. Jacinto overlooking Palm Springs, Calif. I set my little point and shoot on a railing and extended the shutter settings. It wasn’t great, but it was fun! You did good with this one. I love that there are stars in it.

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