Seeing YouTube’s “Black” Side

Have you heard about Rebecca Black’s video on YouTube?

Well if you haven’t, crawl out from under that rock you have been living under.  This is the latest video to skyrocket to viral status.  It is also quickly becoming a center-point of increasingly spiteful comments from people who have viewed this.  As of this writing the video has been watched over 100 million times.  It is also one of the most downloaded songs on iTunes right now.  This tells me a couple of things.

First, I have listened to the song, and I have to agree with her own comments.  She is absolutely not the worst singer I have ever heard (heck I would listen to this over Christina Aguilara’s national anthem performance any day), nor is she the best.  In interviews she seems to be very well grounded and understanding of her abilities and limitations.

Secondly, I think that this is a case of some supreme envy going bad on the part of those that are bashing on her.  After all, at least she has made the effort to put something out there.  Some of the comments made have included suggesting she hurt herself, or that she needs to lose weight, among other comments.  What I find amazing about this is that these people who supposedly “hate” this song so much feel compelled to unleash their wrath on YouTube.  I guess I was always taught if I didn’t like something, to just not listen to it, or view it or whatever.

Regardless what anyone thinks, I commend this young woman for her courage.  Her courage to actually do something like make this video in the first place.  The courage to understand her own limitations.  Finally, the courage to ignore the ruthless comments and insults of others that hide behind their keyboards rather than taking a creative risk of their own.

Hmm, I do wonder how perceptions of the song will change when it is featured on an upcoming episode of “Glee” (supposedly the the prom episode for you “Gleeks” out there).


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

One Response to Seeing YouTube’s “Black” Side

  1. Becky says:

    I listened to it and was expecting some horrific “I can’t listen to a second more of this” singing, but her voice isn’t that bad. True, it’s altered digitally, but who doesn’t do that these days? That’s popular in certain genres. What I DID do, however, was laugh. I laughed at the lyrics (did the writer play a cruel joke on this poor teen wannabe star?), and I especially laughed at the random rapper in the middle of the song. What the — ?!? But I, like you, see a lot of envy going on, especially since she’s made so much money from this song and iTunes has seen so many downloads of this song……all on top of the world’s claim that it’s the “worst song ever.” Hmmmm….

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