The Invisible Blogger

3 thoughts on “The Invisible Blogger”

  1. Nice to hear your voice again. Totally understandable “vacation” from blogging. Hopefully, you’ll find the extra time between posts will help fuel the creative urges!

  2. I AM SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK!!!! I checked several times for new posts over the last few weeks and found myself missing your thoughts and insights. I think I might be addicted to your blog. Anyway, welcome back!

    I understand the OBL thing…I, too, feel rather strongly about many aspects, mainly the reaction of so many Americans of throwing parties celebrating someone’s death. Sick and completely inappropriate, but…like you, I must remain silent on the matter and suffer the scorn and insult of every other country who agrees with me just by association of being an American.

    Ahem. Moving on.

    Some friends of mine left town this morning on their way to begin the next chapter of their life in Lincoln, Nebraska. Small world, huh?

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