A Transmission From the Void

Are you there?  Hello?  What’s Up?  Knock Knock?

It has started with a small voice…growing in intensity in my mind.  Mike you need to get back to writing here again!

I can hardly believe it has been over three months since my last entry on this blog.  It is a very odd feeling.  It is like I cast the thing aside as if it were not important to me at all.  I justify it in a number of ways.  I have an intimate group of loyal subscribers that have peered in the darkness wondering if I would return.  So what has kept me away for so long?

Well there are a number of things that have kept me busy.  I actually have written, and been creative…just not here.

I am the web-master, and photographer, editor, and content writer of the Lincoln Lightning 11u girls softball team.  My daughter’s team.  It seems my break with this blog really started there.  My time and my creative juices flowed there and I told myself, that I would put my energy there, and I was still writing, so I wasn’t cheating the postaday challenge.  I am really quite proud of what I have developed, and continue to develop there.

Reality is also invading my writing world.  You see when I started writing in earnest this year, I was doing so with a purpose.  I wanted to accumulate a large portfolio of my writing to be able to share with prospective employers.  I love writing, and would love to be able to do something with it to generate income.  I am not necessarily talking about the great American novel or anything here (but hey who knows right?).  I had the, perhaps naïve, notion that it would offer the lifestyle I was looking for while, at the same time offering the chance to bring an income to the household doing something I love.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know how to make my writing translate into a career option.  So, I have trudged the real world looking for paid employment.  I have been woefully underemployed for the last three years since my departure from the restaurant business as a general manager.  It has put some significant financial strain on my family, and that has put some strain on me to be a better provider to my family.  That, in turn, has made me shy away from my dream of being a writer for a living.  I often sacrifice things I want, or dreams I have in favor of making others happy.  It is a character flaw I have I guess.

So…why am I back now?  Well softball season is over (although fall season starts soon<grin>).  The job search is going very slowly.  The reality is that my writing is very cathartic for me.  I have missed interacting with the world here.  I have missed being a contributor to the blog world.

Bottom line…I am back…


About Mike Lemons
I'm a guy in his 40's who has been bumming around the net for years. I am married to a wonderful woman, and have 3 gorgeous kids.

4 Responses to A Transmission From the Void

  1. gatehouse13 says:

    Welcome back – you’ve been missed! Good luck with the job hunting…..

  2. Patti says:

    Yay! Welcome back, Mike!

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