A Role to Play Today

2 thoughts on “A Role to Play Today”

  1. Very true. This was the first year we felt it appropriate to share the memory with our children and teach them about the wonderful gifts we have by living in this country. It is through this sharing that we can teach them about real heros, courage, faith and hope. Thank you for your article. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks for putting into words what so many feel. I was discussing the events with my children and we were watching some of the shows that dealt with 9/11. My thirteen-year-old son asked why he had to watch. He said he didn’t care what happened and he couldn’t understand why people kept reliving it ten years later.

    I was surprised at the depth of my anger at his attitude and I made him watch the show detailing the events and interviewing family members of those lost so that he could witness the tragedy and heartache caused by evil. He stopped complaining about it.

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