Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting”

  1. When I was a kid we lived in San Diego. The Blue Angels would do practice flights over our house all the time, and it was a special day indeed when Dad let us climb up on the roof to sit and watch the “show.” I actually remember one time when there were some other jets flying overhead while my grandfather was visiting from San Bernardino. We were on the roof and he was having as much fun as I was…until we saw the plane start to sink long before it should have. My grandfather, a Korea vet, stood and watched, shading his eyes with his hands. The plane kept dropping, dropping, dropping…until it disappeared in a cloud of black smoke on the horizon. Grim-faced my grandfather immediately climbed down from the roof and made some phone calls. I’m not sure who he called, but he was able to learn that the pilot ejected safely and no one was hurt. I wonder if that brought back memories for him…memories he never spoke of…so we never asked.

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