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The Daddy Files: Laying the Groundwork


In this series, I am going to share some of my personal insights into the wonderful world of being a father in this day and age.  Experience?  Well I have three perfect children (two girls and a boy).  Okay, perfect might sound a little strong, and even a bit cliché.  How many parents do you talk to that say, yeah I have three kids, but man they are all little monsters?

Parents are their own worst critic.  We are toughest on ourselves, and often worry whether we are doing it right.  I am certainly no exception to this.  When I “applied” for this job, I certainly never realized how difficult it could be.  It might be the most difficult career path I have ever undertaken.  It is also the most fulfilling, life-changing, and ever-changing thing I have ever done (there are more of those clichés again).  I have reached the point in this journey where I feel the need to impart some knowledge or at the very a least, the occasional good laugh, to others.  So, for this week some definitions might be in order.

Father: A term referring to the biological act of creating a child.

Dad: A term that is earned anew every single day by being there for your kids, and being an active participant in their lives.

So, where do you weigh in on these definitions?  Wait, stop…hold up a minute.  Before you flood the comments box with a bunch of religious references, I am talking purely terrestrial father here.  I  certainly am not qualified to weigh in on anything bigger than that.  Within that framework,  I would love to hear your opinions on those terms though.  I would also love to hear back on ideas, or questions you might have or your own experiences in the realm of fatherhood.




Your Mission…and It Isn’t Optional!

You know how it is…the alarm goes off at 6:30am, you need to get up.  The weekend is over, you have just lost big in fantasy football to a team with an even worse record than yours.  You have three kids to wake up.  The first snow of the season is on the ground.  The world outside is cold and unforgiving, and your mission is to get everyone up and ready to go for the first day of the week.  Wait…this is my life not yours, but I bet you have your own Mission Impossible going through your head now.

Cue the music…oh come on…you know it was running through your brain the second you saw the graphic above…

The Mission:

Get the kids to school on time.  It really seems simple doesn’t it?  It should be simple, but three kids, and three different school locations make that a challenge on the easiest of days sometimes.

Getting Ready:

Prepping for school with three little ones can be a challenge.  My oldest is pretty much on autopilot, but I do have to keep tabs on her too.  After all is she really going to go to school with that raging bedhead she has going on right now?  Perhaps it is some new style that out of touch Dad doesn’t know about.  Well we’ll err on the side of caution and assume that it isn’t.  Hair combed…check.  Now the little ones need to shower.  Can I get it done without getting wet myself this time?  (That music is just now hitting a fever pitch in my head now)  The little ones are now properly bathed and clothed and fed.  They are ready to face their day…or are they?

Travel Time:

It is our week to car pool.  One more body to get to a destination.  Timing is key.  What is that kids?  What am I humming as we back out of the driveway?  Nothing, as I turn up the radio to some Christmas tunes to keep them entertained.  The minivan is no sweet BMW, but we are on a mission and this will do the job.  All passengers are accounted for, and we are off on the frozen roads to get my oldest to school first.  The staccato beats continue to thunder through my head as I carefully make way through the neighborhood that wasn’t plowed very well or at all over the weekend.  No matter we will make it on time.

We wind out way to school keeping pace with other commuters and parents taking their children to school.  As I look on it makes me wonder what theme music is coursing through their heads.  Destination achieved.  My daughter and her friend make it to school without incident.  No doubt the theme music in my head has kept us on task and out of danger.

The Aftermath

We return home without any fanfare.  The trip is a wind-down from all the build up that has happened to get my daughter to school.  Now it is the trip home.  Everything is peaceful, and I can enjoy some Christmas tunes.  Of course there are two other little ones to get to school yet…cue the music maestro…this mission ain’t over yet!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

I shot this photo this past summer.  My youngest daughter and I were out on our deck watching for the jets that were streaking by as they practiced for the Guardians of Freedom airshow.  You can see in her shadow she has turned towards some noise she has heard and is anticipating the plane going by the big tree in our back yard.  The sun was bright that mid-day and she had put her hand up to shield her eyes and to get a better look as the fast-moving planes shot by.