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Yeah Another Monday Rises

I know I could use a nudge this morning…saw these phrases on my digital “walk” around the web this morning and they really rang true.

Motivation: Doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done when we WANT to do it.

Discipline: Doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done when we DON’T WANT to do it.

Now the real key here is to know that you need to be Motivated in your Discipline…or is it Disciplined in your Motivation?  Ahhh…my head hurts.  Maybe I’ll just hit the snooze bar again while I try to reboot for the week ahead.


Olympics Coverage: Back Off Please


I confess that I have not had a great deal of opportunity to see much of the Olympics this year.  However, what I have seen has been the usual.  Spectacular effort by the world’s amateur athletes (well mostly amateur anyway).  It is always impressive to see that effort, and the payoff at the end; especially when that effort results in a medal winning performance.

As a photographer myself, I have been dazzled with many of the shots taken during the games.  The moments frozen in time, and leaving a large impression of the power of those moments.  Those are the shots that are photo journalism at it’s finest.

Documenting the moments of defeat are, at times, just as important to document for the moment as are the victories.  I am having issue with some of the shots I have seen on TV though.  Shots of photographers standing just a couple of feet away as a gymnast loses her composure after a poor performance, for example.  They are so close that there is no where she can possibly hide to collect herself.  Other shots I have seen as a runner collapses to the ground exhausted or completely enveloped in the moment, and they are swarmed by many lenses just a short distance away looking to get that shot.

On the other side of that lens though, I really must commend these kids and their composure.  They handle the indignities that these moments are providing with a grace worthy of these Olympics, and my hat is off to them.

Welcome to the digital age.  Technology has stripped away poignant and replaced it with sensationalist “shock” photography.  Rather than sports photojournalists, these people often resemble mobs of paparazzi swarming the next great celebrity of the moment.


Four Years


It has been nearly four years since the event.  It feels like an eternity.  I can remember the details of that day like it happened yesterday.  I remember what I was wearing.  I remember the time, and I remember the sinking feeling as it all began to happen.  That was the day I was fired from a position I had held for nearly a decade, with a company I had worked for nearly twice that.

I know many people have been through this event.  It is unpleasant, and it is a life altering event.  For me, it began a journey that has been both enlightening, and frustrating to no end.  Let’s start with the enlightening.  My wife comments to this day how different my temperament is.  I am more attentive to my family, and I am a lot less grouchy.  Towards the end of my time in my prior job, I was constantly stressed to the point of exhaustion.  I am a perfectionist, and will push myself so hard to be the best.  In the end it burnt me out, and caused the events leading to my dismissal.  I never realized how harsh I was on everyone around me, until it was too late.  I am thankful each and every day that I have a person in my life that is so understanding as my wife.  As we progressed to today, the life pressures from that one event could have fractured us.  Instead it has galvanized our family unit.

The event also brought out my creativity.  I had always enjoyed writing, but in the last couple of years, I have discovered a new “gift”.  I am a pretty good photographer.  That has actually taken a front seat over the writing in the last year or so.  For someone that has felt throughout his life that he had no artistic talent, or was told that anyway, this has been quite a revelation.  It has opened up so many things inside me, and allowed me to express myself in ways I had never dreamed of before.  Of course with any good, there must be something to balance it out right?

Shortly after losing my position, we decided that it would be our chance to strike out on our own.  We were going to start our own business.  It was going to be a spectacular success, and anyone that saw our business plan thought it was a wonderful idea.  Of course this was 2008, and the beginning of the financial meltdown in the U.S.  We would work very hard to secure funding, but our hopes would finally ebb away completely by 2010.  There would be no business started, and the only result of our effort was more debt, and less income.  It is a situation that weighs heavily on me, even now.

We reluctantly admitted defeat, and decided it would be best for me to seek a traditional job.  I began my job search in earnest.  I have been searching now for about two years (I am now employed with the company I was fired from in a much lessor position, and making about a third of my former salary).  I have turned in hundreds of resumes and applications and have only garnered a few interviews over that span of time.  Our financial situation at home is quite tight, and my wife is a financial wizard in my view.  It is quite frustrating to have so much experience and desire and will, but not being of interest to many companies that are hiring out there.

Okay, now before I get a ton of “Keep your chin up Mike” messages, don’t think I am all doom and gloom these days.  I am firmly grounded in the fact that I have a pretty wonderful life.  It’s just that around this time of the year, I start to take stock of where I am at in the professional, and dreams department.  The dreams are going on full throttle.  The professional department…well we are hiring as we speak.