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Inspiring, Yet Sad Sign of Our Times

I was on my usual internet walk about today and encountered this picture.  I am not an intensely religious person.  I am not here to share those views today.  What I was struck by was the very powerful message this thing conveyed.

Now when I do find a picture, like this one, I do try to do some digging around and see what others feel about it.  It was somewhat disturbing what I did find.  There were 62 comments on this picture where I did find the original.  The focus of the discussion became a raging argument over one of the statements on the poster.  I bet you can guess what it was.  If you said Muslim, or Black, you are very off base.

Yes the arguments raged back and forth over whether the bible condoned or condemned being gay.  It was a very sad discourse, and I almost decided not to post this picture based on the argument.  However, through all of this, a single comment surfaced that made this poster more relevant than ever, and that galvanized my need to put this up for you today.

The message behind the poster is great, but the idealistic part of me thinks it’s a shame it had to be put up in the first place.

That simple statement boiled down everything I was thinking as I saw the message that was conveyed here.  Now, forget for a moment that this is a religious message.  Take an unbiased look at what it is saying.  What are your thoughts about the message here?  More importantly, what do you think this says about the times we live in today?


Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist church in protest to treatment of women | BlogHer

Jimmy Carter leaves Southern Baptist church in protest to treatment of women | BlogHer.

I have the highest respect someone that will take such a stand.  I only wish more prominent individuals would take the higher road.   This is especially true when there are no barriers to doing so, such as political gain.

No matter your religious orientation, it is interesting to note how often religion is at the forefront of human strife.