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There is Beauty in Every Season

Last Saturday we had the first real snow of the winter.  It was a wonderful display, and I did snap several pictures of the accumulating snow.  This morning I was greeted to a site that I don’t see very often.  We had fog the prior night and in the cold temperatures that means the moisture froze to everything it touched.  This created a very soft image this morning since many trees, like this one in my neighbor’s yard, still carried the snow from the prior weekend.  Rather than being very angular and defined, the freezing fog created a very soft – almost inviting design on the landscape.

With a clear morning sky for the first time in days, the frame was set for a wonderful picture.  As I sat down to edit it, the simple backyard scene really moved me.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



I would love to say that I had been called away by my country to do some impossible mission.  A mission that would need incredible gadgets, and stealthy cunning.  I would love to be able to say that I have returned from that mission and all I can say is that I needed to do something important, and to tell you would mean I would have to kill you.

It would be interesting…it would be exciting…and it would be a lie.  Honestly, my writing and ramblings have ground to a halt mostly out of laziness on my part.  I haven’t exercised my writing muscles regularly as I should have.  It is far too late to try to make up something interesting for missing several months of writing.  I did have my daughter’s softball season to cover, so I was writing and taking pictures, but this site here has been neglected.

However, much like an old friend that you may or may not see on a regular basis, this rambling string of words on the virtual page doesn’t judge.  It is accepting, and even jovial upon my return and accepts me for however long I choose to stick around.

So as the test pattern would seem to show, the fires of creativity seem to be heating up with me again, so keep your eyes peeled for some new content again.  To the faithful that read my blog regularly, thank you so much for your patronage.  While I haven’t been writing, I have read some fantastic stuff that many of you are doing yourselves.  Thanks for the inspiration.

A Role to Play Today

I did not know anyone that was lost in any of the sites from that September day in 2001.  There were 2977 victims of that horrific event.  Many could not even be identified after it was all over.  Yes, I didn’t know any of these people personally; however, they touched my life just as personally as if I did.

I am not a first responder.  I don’t exactly cringe from terrible situations or anything, but I am not one of those souls who bravely seeks out danger for the sake of others.  411 emergency workers were lost on that morning as everything fell apart.  These men and women knew they were going into a dangerous situation.

I do have a very important role in the attacks that day though.  You might ask how when I didn’t know any of the victims, and I am not a first responder.  The role I do play is just as important in another way.  My role is to carry the memories of that day and to share them with a generation that did not experience that day first hand.  I am a living historian of the day it happened.  I am a small piece of the tapestry of this country that was ripped in two on this day.  My small role in the day is a vital part of the history of the moment.

So use this day to share your view with a generation that has no knowledge of the event beyond the fact that some buildings fell down in a far away city.