Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


I loved this shot of summer time around here.  Many enjoy taking in a game at the local ball park.  This candid shot of the mascot trying his best to fire up the crowd is offset by the clear boredom of the home team that has probably seen this routine a thousand times or more.  It is a great example of the little moments that are gems in the instant they are shot.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

Camera in hand, following the leader, my youngest daughter is trooping forward on an adventure of her own.  This picture was taken at a nearby lake this past summer.  The dam frames the shot perfectly.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


For me the concept of the free spirit always draws me to nature.  On a recent camping trip this summer we were fishing on the bank as a family of Canadian geese slid by without a care in the world.  They were oblivious to all of us humans around their home.  The way they were parading by, made it almost seem like they were out for an evening constitutional around their lake.