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Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary


Follow this blog for a while, and you will find me talking about something about our terrestrial neighborhood.  This picture really stands out to me as the purest example of the word Solitary.  The moon just might be one of the most photographed solitary objects I know of.  My shot really holds me because of the inky black surrounding the brighter object that seems to be trying to escape into the darkness itself.

It is almost funny to think that it has been 43 years since man first set foot on the most remote place human beings have ever personally laid eyes on.  That moment when the late Neil Armstrong stood  alone 250,000 miles away from home doesn’t get much more solitary than that.

This early spring shot was my first attempt at shooting the moon, and I was really quite taken with the power of the picture, and I hope you will be too.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life


I loved this shot of summer time around here.  Many enjoy taking in a game at the local ball park.  This candid shot of the mascot trying his best to fire up the crowd is offset by the clear boredom of the home team that has probably seen this routine a thousand times or more.  It is a great example of the little moments that are gems in the instant they are shot.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


For me the concept of the free spirit always draws me to nature.  On a recent camping trip this summer we were fishing on the bank as a family of Canadian geese slid by without a care in the world.  They were oblivious to all of us humans around their home.  The way they were parading by, made it almost seem like they were out for an evening constitutional around their lake.